Cats Do Know Their Own Names

cat know their names

Many dogs can not only know their names, but even smarter dogs can know the commands after training. So, is the cat able to know its name just like a dog? There has recently been a clearer response to this question.

Just recently, Atsuko Saito, a behavioral scientist at Sophia University in Tokyo, who released the facts in Scientific Reports that cats can definitely know their names.

Saito and her colleagues observed 78 cats in Japanese households and at a cat café (a themed coffee shop in which numerous cats stay in a commonplace). They set up 4 different experiments, the team combined every cat's name with 4 other similar words to verify whether the cat would keep concentrated when they heard their names.

The researchers scored according to the cat's reaction, and the movement of the ears and tails were thought to be a positive sign that cats know their names.

During the experiments, the researchers initially had cat owners consistently say 4 words that were rather comparable to their cats' names, before the cats are addicted to those words. Later on, the cat owners called their cats the real names, as well as the researchers, observed whether unique cats able to identify their nicknames. The cats had more obvious reactions to their own names-- shaking their tails, heads or ears, or meowing than to other cats or similar words.

cute cat

And also, the result does show that at least some cats can differentiate their names from other words.

The researchers found that while some animals do seem to respond to their names and ignore other repetitive words, this is not a common Phenomenon. Domestic cats seem to be able to react as quickly as possible to distinguish their names from other cats or random words. However, many cats, especially those in cat coffee shop, react to the names as strongly as they do to themselves.

Cats are equally as excellent as dogs at knowing. They're simply not as eager to reveal their owners what they've found out. Many cats' owners voice would most likely consistent.

On the other hand, if cats have the ability to recognize humans that dogs have actually shown, for instance, Social Cognitive Intelligence, they are maintaining it under covers.

Want to talk to humans, the initiative is in the hands of cats.

That's what cats can understand, however... Obviously, at this time cats won, they just do not like to talk with you.

However, the next time you call your cat if they pretend they don't know that you are talking to them, at least you will know they are really smart.

Do you agree with the conclusion of the Japanese research team --cats can recognize their names?

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